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Jerry Chen


National level of athletes


Coaching Experience


2016 Hunan Changsha Shuiyunjian golf full-time coach

2017 New Zealand UT Akoranga Advanced Study

2018-2020 Signed coach of Foshan Junan Driving Range

2020-2021 Shenzhen Weichuang Golf Contract Coach

Current Longsheng Golf Full-time Coac



Important Honor

American TPI Level 1 Certified Instructor

American TPI Level 2 Certified Instructor

Japan Resident Theory Level 1 Certified Instructor

Japan Resident Theory Level 2 Certified Instructor



Personal Beliefs

According to TPI's scientific analysis of students' different swing characteristics, a set of comfortable swing frames for each student is customized. Develop a regular training plan for short-game putters and woods, and help students achieve the goal of lowering through rich practical experience!

Personal Beliefs


No sooner said than done!

Execution is always the first step!

There are no stupid people, only lazy people!

All results speak!